Healthy Beauty

Body and mental health are directly connected to beauty. Health beauty is a new trend in Japan.

2020 Exhibits


Local 20 companies cooperate together and finally completed to create special cosmetics by using local rich ingredients such as fish collagen, Yuzu, Sake, etc... 

ELASTIN supplement

Elastin has been well known for benefit of anti-aging. These days, it trigering a new trend for preventing arteriosclerosis.
C-059 Feliz.dia


"Supplement of skin". Rich ions for face, body, hair.
H-065 Affection International

Cinnamon Legends

First landing to Japan from Sri Lanka at this show. Bath salt and cosmetics made from Ceylon Cinnamon will definitely be a next smash in Japan!
E-084 Siyol International

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Sustainable Beauty

Stands for sustainable beauty for all the people, society and earth.

Healthy with Protein

Good for hair, skin and nails, and also suitable for cooking or as a snack.

Healthy Snacking

These adorable yummies will make you happier, and even healthier!