Sustainable Beauty

New generation has came, pursing for only external beauty is not considered something beautiful anymore. 
Stands for sustainable beauty for all the people, society and earth.

2020 Exhibits

Konjac Face Wash Puff

Perfect for skin is cliche. Humble for producing something we can proud to next generations. Keeping the same handmade process for 130 years.
P-019 Hatanaka Yoshikazu Shouten


What we aimed is the real organic.  Certified by Ecocert as the first Japanese company. Soil, cultivation and all the process is sustainable. 

G-089 Green note

Naturamoon Tampon

Using 100% organic cotton. Choosing Texas made cotton for safe, qualified quality.

F-080 G-Place


100% pure Luffa Aegyptiaca water skin lotion. Pursing true organic, friendly for earth. 
F-094 Neo-Natural

Awadachi marshmallow towel 

Good foaming towels with Unitika Terramac® bio-based materials derived from corn, cotton, ramie, silk etc...