Japan’s Health & Wellness Trend Keywords

Personal, Social, Environmental wellness-themed trade show, Health and Wellness Japan, pay attention to the trend keywords that the healthcare industry is concerned about!

Companies that have products and services related to the following keywords are strongly encouraged to consider exhibiting at the show.

Organic & Natural

 The pandemic accelerated organic and natural products trend all over the world, and of course in Japan too. 

#Foods  #Clothes  #Cosmetics etc.



In Japan, interest in veganism and vegetarianism is rapidly growing, especially among Generation Z.

#Foods  #Ingredients # Cosmetics etc.


Femtech has been nominated in Japan's Buzzwords Contest. It is a hot topic among consumers, enterprises and government.

#Sanitary shorts  #Prenatal vitamin  etc.

Gendered Innovation

Gendered Innovation

Products that focus on health issues specific to men and women are gradually beginning to attract attention.

#Supplement  #Clothes  #Health-tech etc.



The COVID-19 has led to a growing interest in mindfulness for its effectiveness in alleviating stress and anxiety.

#CBD  #Herbal  #Aroma  #Health-tech etc.



In Japan, rich in protein products are highly demanded by women who loves fitness, and elderly people.

#Foods  #Ingredients  etc.



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Japan's healthcare market is rapidly growing every single year. 

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Japan's healthcare market is rapidly growing every single year. 


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