Why Exhibit ?


Japan’s largest and longest-running (40th edition) BtoB health exhibition attracts high conscious buyers from all the industries related health.

It is the best way to appeal how your products/services are dedicated to personal, social and environmental wellness.

2021 Visitors

Total 11,621
Day 1st 3,868
2nd 3,826
3rd 3,927
Retailer (Store) 10%
Retailer (Non-store) 13%
Medical, Sports and Beauty service 17%
Trading and wholesale 24%
Manufacturer 27%
Government, organization, association, other  9%

Purpose of visit

To order sleep and mental care products

- Variety shop

Looking for consumable goods to boost customer adoption rates

- Health service facility

To install natural menu for Café
in our facility

- Fitness gym

To find products for EC for employees

- Life insurance

To find emergency kit for disaster prevention corner.

- Variety shop

To discover next smash hit such as coconut oil or “super food”

- High class supermarket

To find products for EC for our limited members

- Security service

To find products for out-of-store sales for our VIP customers

- Department store

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