Market overview

Japan's healthcare market is rapidly growing every single year. In the healthcare market, the growth of health and wellness sectors are especially remarkable compared to medical and nursing care.There are numerous solid reasons why Japan's health and wellness market will continue to expand.


Aging Population

Japan has the highest proportion of elderly citizens of any country in the world. By 2025, people aged 65 and older in Japan will reach to one-third of the total population. Reducing government expenditure on medical and nursing care is extremely prioritized. This drives a high social demand for health and wellness products and services.


Rising Medical Costs

In 2021, the burden of medical expenses of people who aged 75 or older in particular condition had been raised in 10%. The rises of medical treatment costs are expected to continue. Being well and healthy without relying only on medical services is becoming the most serious concern among Japanese people.


Health Conscious Consumers

According to the government survey*, now 97.9% of people are saying that "health is the most important thing in a life". Almost all consumers find certain values in products and services improving health.


*Research of potentials in health and wellness business -Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry