Sleep +

Quality of sleep is the key of health and wellness.

Exclusive area comes with professional seminars.

2020 Exhibits


VALKEE Human Charger

Daily conditioning method from Finland. Try the treatment of lights and sounds.
P-041 Sukoyaka Medical


Okinawan Herb Enzyme

"Hemerocallis fulva", Okinawan traditional herb, is known as sleeping grass. The fermentation process aids the digestion and absorption.
M-030 Nakijin Zamami Farm


Custom Made Pillow

We all have different issues of sleep. Adjusting thickness in 2 mm, and the selection of 10 kinds of ingredients, make your best dream come true. 
M-039 Makurabo / Yamatoyafuton


Recovery Pajama

Exclusive silk and Hikari-Densi fiber to enhance quality of sleep and recovery. Its texture is remarkable, shiny as pearl, gorgeous and soft drape.
N-035 Recovery Style