Import Brands


Foods, goods and cosmetics, global hot trends are assembled here. 

Be prepared for a lot of first-landing items into Japan!

2020 Exhibits


Patagonian Fango-Verde

Travel agency, flying all over the world and found miracle volcanic cray in Patagonia. 100% pure cray from polusion-free undeveloped land.
J-093 Travesia


Hawaiian CBD

First-landing to Japan from Honolulu. You can't miss the poppin', catchy CBD items including tropical juice, gummy, honey.
G-095 Hawaii Cannabis Care

Organic Curry Paste

Thai green curry paste made from organic herb. We have numerous selection of organic Thai seasonings like Gapao sauce. 
B-083 Dynaworth International


From origin of Ayurveda, India.  USDA certificated 100% pure organic Ashwagandha suppelement.


Having more than 60 year experience and over 40 countries of sales channel.UPX®(10) is Japanese limited blend for Japanese eating habits.
F-007, B-066 Douglas Laboratories 

Ginger Beer

First landing to Japan from Sri Lanka. Not ginger ale or beer?... Traditional healthy soft drink with ginger and fermentation process.
E-084 Siyol International


Portable hydrogen generator. Produce pure hydrogen and dissolve them in water. It also removes harmful gas. 

Wireless Eye Massager

Three inflatable massage modes accurately squeeze acupuncture points. Bluetooth built-in speaker allow you to have luxurious time.
K-011 Ningbo Fulljoy Electronic Technology

Therapy Massage Gun

Gun-shape therapy massager with 5 changeable attachment. Intense chargeable motor is equipped.
J-043 Xiamen Emoka Health Science & Technology

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