Ancient Wisdom

The area decorations will be inspired by Japanese traditional arcade.

Have a nice trip to Japanese ancient era!


2020 Exhibits



Kaki-cha, persimmon tea have more than 70 years history. Leaves are hand-picked to draw it's natural flavor and nutrition.
P-012 Kaki-cha Honpo


Low-carb Dorayaki

Dorayaki is traditional Japanese snack, and known for favorite snack of the cat-like futuristic robot from the most famous Japanese animation. After 81 trial for 3 years, succeeded to make sugar-free Dorayaki. 
P-017 Torahiko


Konjac Puff

Face wash puff made from soft and juicy konjac fiber. Exclusive care for sensitive skin. The quality is guaranteed, even edible.
P-008 Yamamoto Farm

Narine rice bran enzyme stick

Special method, low molecular weight and make rich-nutrition rice bran easy to digest and absorb. Narine bacteria produce synergistic effect for intestinal environment optimization.
P-007 Health & Wellness Partners



Itadori, knotweed is known for functional herb as pain reliever.
P-006 Amino Ace

Tuya no Tama

Perfect for skin is cliche. Humble for producing something we can proud to next generations. Keeping the same handmade process for 130 years.
P-019 Hatanaka Yoshikazu Shouten

THERA kampo Solid Oil

Organic multi balm made from Japan's traditional herb and sprinkle of wisdom of Chinese ancient wisdom. Exclusive ingredients, flavor and healing of ancient era.


Japan's first quasi drug using traditional herb, "Angelica acutiloba”. For person who are sensitive to cold, having rough skin. 

Angelica Acutiloba

Traditional Japan's medicinal herb, "Angelica acutiloba”. Spice and tea made from its leaves.
P-015 Pony No Sato Farm

Fragrance Kagiroi

Angelica Acutiloba with natural flavors. Gorgeous clear blend.  
P-015 Yamato Kagiroi

Rice bran cookie

Gluten free cookie with special ingredients by rice store. Bran's sweetness made our cookies to use less sugar. 
P-022 Kobari Seimaiten

極甘熟成やきいも 金のいも

Extreme golden sweet potato

Simply roasted but extremely creamy and melting in month. Grown by organic fertilizer.
P-014 FLAP

"Natto Powder" for Digestive

Natto is traditional healthy and little bit smelly fermented soy. By using latest technology, reducing smell,  keeping bacteria alive and turning into powder.
P-016 Sonomono