Japan’s Health & Wellness Trend Keywords

Personal, social, environmental wellness-themed trade show, Health and Wellness Japan, has been leading Japan's BtoB industry for 41 years.
Here are some health and wellness trends in Japan, those trend keywords help you to understand what 250,000 of the industry professionals from our database eager to discover products and services from abroad.

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Visitors' keen interest keywords

Organic & Natural

 The pandemic accelerated organic and natural products trend all over the world, and of course in Japan too. 

#Foods  #Clothes  #Cosmetics



In Japan, rich in protein products are highly demanded by women who loves fitness, and elderly people.

#Fitness  #Beauty  #Aging gracefully

Healthy beauty

Clean Beauty

Inner beauty (fermented foods, nutritional supplements, etc.), sustainable beauty (eco-friendly cosmetics, etc.).

#Fermentation  #Herbs  #eco-frindly


Femtech was nominated in Japan's Buzzwords Contest. It is a hot topic among consumers, enterprises and government.

#Women's Health  #Gendered Innovation


High expectations of mental care with foods, goods, ingredients, sleep, yoga, gut health, CBD, tech, etc. 

#Stressful  #Mental  #Well-being


Increasing consumers who consider social and environmental wellness as well as own health.

#Sustainable  #Ethical  #Upcycle


Visualizing consumer's health for personalized products and services. Collaborating across the industry are increasing.

#Health tech  #Open innovation

Disease Prevention 

Being healthy without relying on medical services is serious concern in the highest aging population in the world.

#Aging population  #selfcare

Live with Disease

Illness may changes lifestyles, products and services to let everyone enjoy a full and happier life.

#QOL  #Under medical treatment


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Healthcare Market

Japan's healthcare market is rapidly growing every single year. 

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Japan's healthcare market is rapidly growing every single year. 


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