[JAPAN's Health Industry] Feature: Traditional Horse Oil Cosmetic Products “horse oil” draws attention even with young women

“Uma-no-abura” (extract of horse subcutaneous fat: Bayu) is known as a traditional ingredient uniquely from the area of Kyushu. From the latter part of 2014 to 2015, the significant increase of tourists coming to Japan from China has positively affected bayu sales so that it has gone out of order. Especially in China, bayu is well known and highly used and regarded by the Chinese people because of the quality and techniques of Japan-made bayu characterised by its purity, colour and aroma. Currently, the inbound demand is not quite big compared to earlier sales, as related companies claimed that “sales are good at duty-free shops” and “enquiries from South east Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand are increasing”.

On the other hand, bayu has once again drawn the attention to inbound market for several years. It is assumed that because of high inbound market demand, there have been so many opportunities to broadcast and promote the beauty and health functions of bayu through the TV and magazines. With the increasing recognition of bayu, products such as 100% bayu-contained cream, lotion oil, bayu-contained essence, skin lotion and soap are also becoming very popular. Various related products are now doing well in the market. Our newspaper, The Health Industry conducted a regular research regarding “popular order materials”, and bayu ranked Top 10 this year, in spite of it not being ranked in the past.

The spread of bayu-related products led to the acquisition of new clients. Related companies have claimed that “the popularity of bayu when it comes to beauty and sense of resistance is decreasing”, “other than its now popular moisturizing effect young people came to know about bayu”, “bayu is gradually accepted as a new type of cosmetics for beauty-related companies”, “obviously, customers aged 20 and 30 are increasing” and “bayu for children is also good on sales”.

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