[JAPAN's Health Industry] The Energy Drink Market is rapidly growing

On 30 October, Intage Group held a healthcare forum around Tokyo, and about 170 people gathered including pharmaceutical manufacturers and representatives from health-care-related companies.

Mr. Takuya Ishida, leader of Anterio Consumer Healthcare Division, emphasised that healthcare is categorised according to consumers, needs and products related to health, and diseases.

“The health care market, including nutritional health drugs, health foods and Tokuho, is becoming borderless,” said Takuya. The OTC market size is decreasing, and it was determined that symptoms are also lowering because people’s conscious of sickness prevention is increasing. For instance, more people are using masks than they did in the past 10 years.

From studies on nutritional and energy drinks, it was said that the “nutritional drinks market decreased from JPY1,147 billion in 2007 to JPY905 billion in 2017. On the other hand, energy drinks is rapidly increasing from JPY 3 billion in 2008 to JPY39.4 billion in 2017. These products seem related, but “only 16% of consumers buy both of them and there are not many people who buy both of them, switch to other products”. Also, the buying market for energy drinks is under the age of 20, whilst nutritional drinks are for those over 30. The top reason for purchase is “physical fatigue” and second is “the need for physical strength and energy”.

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