[JAPAN's Health Industry] A Research Study of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) in the US Revealed that 75% of Adults take Supplements

CRN revealed that three out of four adults in the US take supplements with their research published on 18 October. They introduced that the number of users of turmeric is increasing.

This research was conducted after 2000. Last August, online research was conducted involving 2,000 adults living in the US.

As a result, 75% of the people take supplements and up to 10% in the last 10 years. Participants who responded that they trust safety, quality and validity of supplements are up to 87%. People who trust the supplement industry are 78%, which is up by 5% from two years ago.

The highest rate of supplement users over 55 years old is 78%, 77% for 35-54 years old and 69% for 18-34 years, whilst 46% of over the age of 55 in supplement user take Vitamin D. The following are the reasons why people take supplements- 31% for “healthy bones”, 29% for “mental health” and 28% for “healthy ageing”.

The leading reasons why people take supplements are “immunity” for 35-54 years old and 31%. Meanwhile, the number of 18-34 aged users, take multivitamins and fibre is increasing.

The users of herb-based supplements make up 41% and it was highly increased in five years. The research indicated that many more people are using turmeric and this has not been the case in five years ago. In the category of herb-based products, it is ranked at higher, and it reviewed as “a rising star in this industry”.

In the US, turmeric is widespread as an “anti-inflammatory material”. The supplier, who is an expert in the US market, applied anti-inflammatory action in the use of supplements for joints and sports, drawing the attention of people.

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