[JAPAN's Health Industry] “Onkatsu” (warming up the body from the inside) has been established as a healthy life-style

More than 80% of women are concerned about their sensitivity to the cold. The merit of warming up the body has various functions such as anti-stress, a pleasant sleep, anti-depression and so on. Recently, this concern has drawn attention in the field of medical and care, beauty and ageing care, sports and conditioning.

The number of people who perform Onkatsu (warming up of one’s body) for the purpose of daily health and beauty is increasing. Onkatsu-related business materials are being sold from autumn and winter to the entire year, including summertime. Its market size is JPY 200 billion. Major companies tried to enter this business because of its growing market. The Onkatsu market is booming day by day.

Meanwhile, recent research reveals the effects of Onnetsu, which include the improvement of paralytic symptoms for limbs and locomotorium functions in healthcare, as well as heating the whole body to serve as anti-cancer, anti-depressant and mild cognitive conditions in the medical field. Its positive effects have drawn attention from the fields of medical and care field.

In addition, the physiological effect of Heat Shock Protein (HSP) due to Onkatsu and Onyoku (warming up the body by taking a bath) has been gaining attention as well. HSP increases the level of protein in the body from taking a bath and thermotherapy. The role of HSP is various, such as repair of injured cells, protection of cells from stress, the increase of white blood corpuscles, the revitalisation of NK cells and so on. Moreover, HSP has a function that controls the production of lactic acid. Top athletes try to take full body heating for their pre-and post-workout conditioning and recovery.

Recently, the media introduced PhD Youko Itoh, the leading HSP researcher who advocated the “HSP bathing method” for an easy way of increasing HSP in the body. The recognition of HSP by the general public is growing continuously.

In the recent topic of conversation- conditioning field with the background of increasing of sports population because of high health conscious, the use of Onnetsu and Onyoku for the prevention of injuries, active oxygen measures, fatigue recovery and rest is expected to grow and become widespread.

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