[JAPAN's Health Industry] One’s “Gait” is Important when Walking

An opinion poll on the “sports status of implementation” conducted by Japan Sports Agency asked about, “which sporting event people join and play this year”. The poll revealed that walking ranked top. For more than half the percentage of both men and women take walking regularly, and by age 70, more than 70% walking.

Based on these facts, active senior association conducted a questionnaire and it revealed that when the elderly take walking as a form of exercise, most of them care about the “number of steps” and “time during walking”.

From several years’ research, it was found out that just walking for a long time is insufficient to keep one healthy. The reason for this is people cannot keep the muscle amount from just walking, as one’s muscles deteriorate by age.

The research from recent geriatric syndromes indicated that gaiting (a manner of walking) is important. Mr. Kim Hunkyung from the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital advocated that it is helpful to “walk with a regular stride plus 10cm”. When a stride is big, it increases the speed naturally and this stimulates the muscles, which is good for the body.

To maintain muscle amount, exercising is not the only thing that matters, as it is also important to take nutritional components such as protein, amino acid and others. From the result of the questionnaire, many people tried to take “water” “protein” or “calcium” whilst walking.

From the questionnaire, we can find that more and more seniors recognise the need for protein-based meals whilst working out.

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