[JAPAN's Health Industry] Health care market sales reached over JPY 1 trillion. What are the barriers for health-care companies?

Recently, “health-care” has become very important keyword in management because of the media. Health-care companies are now paying attention to this as a new business opportunity.

When companies actively invest in workers’ health maintenance and promotion, the number of absence due to sickness and risk of retirement is expected to decrease, as well as incidents of life style-related diseases leading to a decrease in medical expenses. It is also expected that daily work efficiency will improve, resulting to more profit. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry cooperate with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will promote companies to invest health maintenance and promotion.

The market size of related services are estimated at JPY1.3 trillion in 2016, according to an analysis conducted by Seed Planning, Inc. This is expected that to increase further from here on. It seems that health care market is doing well. However, some companies that actually invest in health maintenance and promotion are concerned “it is difficult to choose products and services to attain the expected outcome”.

Mr. Hirai Takayuki from Japan Wellness Company Leaders Association (JWCLA) mentioned, “Generally, the main person in promoting health maintenance and promotion in the company is the human resources representative, who may not necessarily have knowledge in health”. On the other hand, for people who suggest health-care-related services to support this procedure, it is difficult to acquire such needs of the human resources representative.

Mr. Hirai said, “Health care maintenance is usually adopted along the theory from the US or other countries that are prominent in that field, so that this is a rare case for services concerning the situation of Japanese companies such as how they adopt these services or systems and how they could effectively be adopted. To analyse the behavior of successful companies, their issues are clear, such as promotion in the firms, produce data (figures) and the way of continuity. They need to develop opportunities for the right way of approaching these services whilst sharing their issues between service provider and practitioner.” It is expected that the health-care market will increase, but for health-care-related companies, this is a key to breaking the barrier and opening the market in how their services could be adopted to solve the company’s problems.

Also, JWCLA is trying to make a way to start health maintenance systematic in order to promote health maintenance more actively. They introduce of health-related products and services and the knowledge regarding the long-term use in the perspective of management to the health management promoter and provider of relative services.

A business seminar on how to enter the market will be held at the Tokyo Health Industry Show 2019 in January. Registration will begin within next month.

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