[JAPAN's Health Industry] “Support for a Pleasant Sleep” Function Claims Getting more Attention

Fifty kinds of function claims; various kinds of related ingredients

According to a national health and nutrition examination survey in 2017, 36.1% of men and 42.1% of women over the age of 20 get an average sleeping time per day, whilst those over 40 are the highest for both men and women. For this month, the percentage of people who could neither sleep nor rest well is 20.2%, and it is increasing significantly after a survey conducted in 2009. The concern regarding sleep is spreading to each generation. "Sleep dept” ranked as one of the top 10 buzzwords in last year’s Buzzwords-of-the-Year Contest. People’s concern for sleep is increasing.

Several products that promote a pleasant sleep are selling well, and they include beddings, pyjamas, aromas and bathing agents. For health foods, many Foods with Function Claims are sold on the market and they attract people’s attention. Also, doing well in the market are products that have dual purposes, such as “pleasant sleep and skin”, “pleasant sleep and treatment for colds” and “pleasant sleep and stress relief”.

Currently, the category of “sleep” in Foods with Function Claims is up to include nearly 50 products. Functional displays such as “To enhance quality sleep during the night (to mitigate waking up tired and sleepy)”, “Helpful in promoting sleep quality”, “To promote mental health on Monday, and good sleep for good health” and “Promotes healthy sleep(decreases the instances of awakening up during sleep)” may be displayed with related ingredients on top for the use of “L-theanine”. Raw materials supplier, TAIYO KAGAKU mentioned that “The recognition of L-theanine is increasing because it became famous for sleep related products.”

Ingredients related to Foods with Function Claims are of various kinds such as glycine, ornithine, apocynum venetum origin hyperoside, apocynum venetum origin isoquercitrin, GABA, gardenia origin crocetin and asparagus origins that include proline-3-arkyldiketopiperazin. For new related ingredients, Sanwa Shurui completed a systematic review of new and anticipated Foods with Function Claims to be displayed under the category of “sleep using new and unique ingredients.”

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