[JAPAN's Health Industry] Botanical haircare products are booming

Thinning hair was used to be a concern for men mostly. This condition is called Androgenetic Alpecia (AGA). Recently, the symptom of AGA for women, called FAGA has been confirmed and the number of people who are concerned with thinning hair is increasing regardless of sex and age. According to statistics on production in the pharmaceutical industry by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the total cost of production of medicinal shampoos, conditioners and hair growth agents is approximately JPY 56.9 billion (a 3% from the previous year). This shows that the market of scalp care is increasing.

The haircare market is expected to grow. According to current production surveys by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the cost of shipment for hair care cosmetic products in 2017 was approximately JPY 405 billion (a 1% from the previous month); it has increased over the previous year for the first time in three years. The growing trend still continues and the cost of shipment for hair care products from January to June in 2018 grew by 2% compared to the previous year.

The haircare cosmetic industry, especially botanical and plant-based shampoo is booming because “BOTANIST” is a big hit, with a sale of 40 million bottles. Major manufacturers have continuously produced these related products. Hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, hair essence for specialize much hair volume for middle-aged women and wigs) are popular products.

A hair consciousness investigation conducted by ANGFA involving 2,350 women in Japan last month revealed that the generation of women in their 50s is most concerned about haircare. They analysed that this is due to the fact that most women in their 50s have children that become adults or they have retired from work and so they can use their time to meet other people and therefore realise that their hair is lacking in body, gloss and volume.

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