[JAPAN's Health Industry] Powdered Milk for Adults Making Good Sales

Powdered milk is generally recognised as “drink for babies”. Nowadays, however, it is sold and targeted for the senior generation. It is said that the market for seniors is difficult, so it is wonder why powdered milk for adults has become popular.

The main manufacturers are Kyushin Pharmaceutical, Morinaga Milk and Bean Stalk Snow. The reason they started to venture into the senior market is what the elderly are saying: “I drink baby’s powdered milk for my health, but is it good for adults to drink them?”, and “I drink milk for the prevention of osteoporosis, but it hurts my stomach”. Morinaga Milk had received over 100 messages or calls annually regarding this matter. Based on these voices, Kyushin Pharmaceutical put “powdered milk for adults” on the market in April 2014.

The intake of nutritional functional foods (calcium) is twice as much protein and calcium as there is in milk. In order to avoid displaying “senior” on the labels, manufactures use the term “adults”. This has trended and it went out well. Powdered milk, whose image is opposite that of adults, and its uniqueness has become popular through the TV and SNS. It helps to let people know about such products.

There are so many health foods, but the reasons why senior citizens choose powdered milk is that they believe, “It is safe because it is a drink for babies”. People aged 50 to 70 used powdered milk to bring up a child, and that experience convinces them that powdered milk is safe and can be trusted. Also, Bean Stalk Snow analysed that the elderly believe that “taking nutrition= drinking milk”. This concept is familiar to them and is easily for them to take it in real life. It is said that seniors can easily accept things that they have regarded as good. The government advocates “extended health life expectancy” as a policy, and this affects the way seniors think. The three companies mentioned that all these incidents have caused the increased use of powdered milk.

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