[JAPAN's Health Industry] Ageing care: The Market of Supplements and Cosmetic Products Keeps Expanding

Inner beauty supplement market: Over JPY 200 billion

Nowadays, the importance of inner beauty has become widespread. The inner beauty supplement market has expanded to reach over JPY 200 billion in size. Enzymes, collagen, hyaluronic acid and placenta ranked at the top. Last year, “drinkable UV care” products are getting into the market. Also, ceramide is now one of the ingredients used for Foods with Function Claims, elastin is increasing in demand domestically and internationally, proteoglycan is reported as a new evidence and, CoQ10 re-evaluated is expected to increase in market size.

The market of anti-ageing cosmetic products is expanding: collagen, placenta and hyaluronic acid are now attracting much attention.

The market of anti-ageing care cosmetic products have expanded to JPY 700 billion with the support of senior women. According to The Health Industry News’s survey regarding cosmetic products contract, popular materials are collagen, placenta and hyaluronic acid. Stem cells ranked at 4th.

The product with autophagy functions for skin self-repair and stem cells cosmetic products are drawing attention as newly trending products. The increase in inbound demand has rejuvenated the anti-ageing cosmetic products market.

Abstract of The Health Industry News

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