[JAPAN's Health Industry] Amino Acid Market: Demand is rapidly Increasing because of Sports

According to data published by White Paper, 20 million people engaged and participated in jogging and marathon in 2017. The fitness market was marked at JPY 461 billion, more than it was worth in the past, and people in general are now more interested in sports. As the number of people engaging in sports continues to increase, the need for all kinds of amino acid for workout nutritional support and post-workout fatigue recovery, such as BCAA, HMB, ornithine, citrulline, is also increasing.

Also, there is a growing need for business materials for seniors, in order to prevent of Locomotorium, Sarco Penia and low nutrition. People are now focusing on all kinds of amino acids and peptide and starting to use amino acid drinks, jellies and supplements. With the increasing popularity of sports and a continuously ageing society, the practical use of amino acids is widely expanding.

From prevention of Locomotorium and Sarco Penia to Pressure Injury Improvement: Suggestions for Seniors are Expanding

The amino acids market is mostly occupied by sports-related items. Recently, companies are making specific appeal points to produce such products.

Fatigue Recovery, Blood Glucose Control and Sleep Quality Improvement: The Growth of Amino Acid Market

Amino acids have various functions and are in demand for various fields such as fatigue recovery, blood glucose control and sleep quality improvement.

Used for health foods and food items in general, the process of achieving new market findings is activated. With the increase of sports-oriented activities and the growing seniors population, as the increase of the need to prevent Locomotorium and Sarco Penia, the demand continue to expand and the market is surely growing more and more.

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