[JAPAN's Health Industry] Superfruits: Demands for Eye Care and Reduced Body Fats

Superfruits are becoming more and more popular, especially for women who have high beauty consciousness after superfruits were introduced on television and women’s magazines. Major food companies are now trying to place products that contain superfruits in the market and as expected, the market is now actively considering this suggestion. In the field of health foods, more people are now more deeply engaged in functional research.

Suppliers and related companies are collecting their own information and data on antioxidant effects, beautiful skin, body fat reduction, eye care, high blood pressure prevention and anti-saccharification, in order to strengthen demand.

Fruits from South America have settled in the market, whilst Fruits from the East are the focus of attention

The superfruit market, now has various kinds of products such as camu camu, fig, Aguahe, Maki berry, watermelon and more. In 2018, Japan Superfoods Association has conducted a research on the ranking of “superfruits”, and on top is the Maki berry, Acerola is second, avocado ranked third, camu camu ranked fourth and godi berry is fifth. From all these fruits, the presence of acerola and acai, which are from South America, is still significant.

Superfruits have a wide range of functions, including antioxidant effect, high blood pressure prevention, skincare and eye care.

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