[JAPAN's Health Industry] Health Life Expectancy Gets Longer: Men at 72.14 years old, and Women 74.79 years old

The total population is declining and the aging rate continues to rise

The ratio of elderly people to the total population is increasing while the total population is decreasing. At a rate of 27.7% which is expected to rise to 33.3% in 2036. Based on the government published paper titled “Issue of an Ageing Society” in 2018, Japan’s ageing rate is the highest all over the world. Although life expectancy is getting longer and health life expectancy is improving, the research result involving people over 55, revealed that 20% of the general public is under health condition issues. Also, the rate of people receiving information about health foods increases when they are in good health condition.

Average Life Expectancy: Men 80.98 years old, Women 87.14 years old

Japan’s total population is 126.71 million people (1 October 2017). Over 65 years old in the total population is 35.15 million, and ageing rate is 27.7%. On the other hand, the population of 15-64 years old is 87.16 million, which was at its peak in 1995, and after that, the number is decreased to 75.96 million. In 2029, it is inferred that the population would be under 70 million.

The total population is already decreasing and will continue to do so in the long-term. In 2053, the population would be under 100 million, and inferred to be at 99.24 million. Ageing rate is increasing, and in 2036, 1 out of 3 people would be over 65 years old. In 2045, Akita prefecture, which has the highest ageing rate over all prefectures would be at 50.1%.

Average life expectancy in 2016 is 80.98 years old for men and, 87.14 years old for women. Average life expectancy is still getting longer and this infers that, in 2065, it will be around 84.95 years old for men and, 91.35 years old for women. On the other hand, health life expectancy with no limitation in spending is 72.14 years old for men and, 74.79 years old for women in 2016. Compared to 2010, men are up to 1.72 years and women to 1.17 years.

This issue analyzes, and ageing progress around the world. World population in 2015 is 7.38 billion, and in 2060, it would be at 10.22 billion. Ageing rate will rapidly increase in the next half century.

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