[JAPAN's Health Industry] 70% of Women in their 70s Women Recognise Preventive Measures of Locomotive Syndrome: Foods with Function Claims Take Effect

50% of the general public, and seventy percent of women in their 70s recognise the term “locomotive syndrome”

Locomotive syndrome is a physical state that affects and lowers bodily movements and functions due to a complication in the locomotorium regarding one’s bones, joints, or muscles. “10 years of Locomotorium/ Japan Association” conducted a research regarding the recognition of locomotive syndrome involving 10,000 people. The study revealed that 48.1% recognise the condition.

Both men and women, as people get older, the more they recognise locomotive syndrome, especially people over 60 years old (70.2%) and those over 70 years old (76.4%).

Also, 50 % of women over 50 feel an anxiety about locomotive syndrome. Recently, it is indicated that people should take measures to counter the condition at an early age. The concern for locomotive syndrome is getting bigger and bigger.

Foods with Function Claims: more than 120 products

Research for Foods with Function Claims and the development of products to fight locomotive syndrome is being put into action in this industry. Some of the indentified preventive products are: glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin sulfate, univestin, cat’s claw, unmodified typeⅡ collagen, HMB, amino acids, calcium, vitamin K2, boswellia serrata, black ginger, olive fruit extract, origin of Royal jelly Protein powder, guava polyphenol, protetite, astaxanthin, tart cherry, β-cryptoxanthin, soy isoflavones, perna viridis, milk origin extract, Muscular grass, yeast, proteoglycan and others. There are various kinds of materials including standard materials and new materials.

The number of Foods with Function Claims, which emphasize on helping in specific regions, is increasing. There are over 120 items of Foods with Function Claims accepted that display “joint” “bones” “muscles” and “maintaining the ability to walk”. In the market, a number of products place on the package the following signs: “Helps joint mobility and flexibility”, “For people who are concerned about the health of their bones”, “Maintain the ability to walk at old age” and “Keeps muscle mass and muscle power; prevents from declining”.

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