[JAPAN's Health Industry] Sterilised Lactic Acid Bacteria: Major Food Companies are Beginning to Use

Many are currently noticing that intestinal flora is playing a significant role in keeping people healthy. Bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria are becoming popular as the one of the most effective foods in improving intestinal flora. In past several years, the boom of lactic acid bacteria is increasing rapidly, and the market is expanding wider and wider. Functional yoghurt as a daily food is now making its way in to the market. These days, supplement and health foods bear the sign noted “Contains X billion lactic acid bacteria”, as well as in addition to supplement and health foods, processed foods such as sweets and noodles, foods such as Natto and Tofu, and even on restaurant menus. More and more people are using lactic acid bacteria. Sterilised lactic acid bacteria contribute to the booming spread of lactic acid bacteria. Its most featured characteristic is that it does not choose any types of food agent which is why many food manufactures are applying sterilised lactic acid bacteria.

The growing recognition of sterilised lactic acid bacteria made increased the supplies of this commodity in several companies.

Sterilised lactic acid bacteria are exactly what the name implies- live lactic acid bacteria that have undergone heat sterilisation and processing. The history of the use of sterilised lactic acid bacteria in foods is old. One of the objectives for sterilising and processing lactic acid bacteria is to decrease bacteria cultivation prevent decay and not damage taste. Also, there is a merit for producing raw materials from lactic acid bacteria. It is possible to produce a high concentration of raw materials as collecting only lactic acid bacteria body and formulated.

However, the most important characteristic is the low risk for factory contamination and environmental contamination. Lactic acid bacteria can be used at a wide range of factories and may be combined with other fungi such as Bacillus Natto, which would not affect the bacillus itself. Lactic acid bacteria may also be used with any formulated foods, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Also, to keep their quality after becoming products, live bacteria need to be chilled (except for powder-type supplements). One of the merits of sterilisation is that allows the bacteria to be kept, managed and distributed in room temperature management and room temperature distribution.

For these reasons, the need for sterilised lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacterium is rapidly increasing. The amount of raw materials from each material supplier company is increasing by up to 10-50%, compared to the previous year. Each company’s raw materials are being reduced so that each company should revise its production plans and make a well-prepared supply system.

Functions of sterilised lactic acid and bacteria/ Building each company’s evidence:

On the other hand, the functions of live bacteria and utility of sterilised lactic acid and bacteria have been discussed for over 100 years. There is a literature from an experiment, which says that a mouse’s life expectancy has extended by up to 8% after a researcher has let the mouse eat food that has been added with heated sterilized lactic acid and bacteria. Recently, each company’s supplier of sterilised lactic acid and bacteria are actively launching to do a functional research. Mouse experiments and human clinical research revealed a wide range of evidence such as improvements in intestinal flora and bowel movement, reduced fat in internal organs, improvement of atopic dermatitis, treatment of influenza, anti-helicobacter pylori action, improving ulcerative colitis, acne amelioration, and improving the oral environment.

Currently, some companies are trying to put functional display foods on sterilised lactic acid bacteria as related ingredients. People are now paying attention to the function and sterilised lactic acid bacteria. If people would accept these, then the lactic acid bacteria market could further expand.

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