[JAPAN's Health Industry] Health-related Foods’ Online Purchase is over 30%

Cross Marketing Inc. as a marketing research company, conducted a “research regarding the online consumption” of 20-69 years old men and women all over Japan.

The survey found that online shopping in the category of “health-related food and dietary supplements” ranked third out of 10 categories following “DVD, music, game” at first place, and, “book, comic, magazine” at second. Also, items bought online in the category of “health-related food and dietary supplements” occupied 32%.

The objective of this survey is to determine the difference between the items bought online and items bought at stores and also to clarify the cause of online consumption’s expansion. This survey analysed the tendency from over 20,000 people.

Based on the information collected, the people who purchased “health-related food and dietary supplements” are 43% from the internet, 25% from other media such as flyers, newspapers, TV and radio, and 24% from the store.

On the other hand, the survey “the way people purchase items” showed that store purchase is 38% and online purchase 20%.

It was noticeable that the tendency of people who bought health-related food and dietary supplements search online for items and then purchase from stores.

It is inferred that the customer who wants to take/purchase health-related foods and supplements actively collect information thanks to an extremely big internet information source. It was analysed that more people make online purchase than other categories.

Abstract of The Health Industry News

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