[JAPAN's Health Industry] Sales in the Sports sector and Foods with Function Claims Doing Well

In March, the account of 19 Food major food companies in the Health Foods and Nutrition industry were completely settled.

Total sales amounted to over JPY 100 billion, 90 % of which showed an increased in revenue, except for two companies that saw similar results from the first semester.

Although the high costs of ingredients and distribution prevented the return of revenue, one company succeeded in actively putting forth high added value, due to consumer’s increasing health concerns.

The number of users is growing due to the expanding market in sports nutrition, the amount of use by women, and limited time and costs. Strong sales products are noticeable.

Foods with function claims performed well as sales are increasing. Each company put foods with function claims for various general processed foods such as yogurt, chocolates, vegetable juice and oil, and this led to new customers.

With the people’s increasing concern for health, consumers’ needs are classified as “time-efficient and convenient” and “solitary meal”. It is outstanding that each company is now strengthening the use of business materials with “additional value for health function” as a new growth sector.

Abstract of The Health Industry News

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