5 Show Zones
5 Product - Specific Zones to Focus Buyer Attention

Tokyo Health Industry Show consists of 5 Show Zones.

AHealth Food & Supplements

Supplements (for joints, eye care, brain function, mental care, good sleep, intestinal environment, immune system, diet, metabolic syndrome, nutritional support, etc.) Health Foods (healthy tea, drink, sweets, oil seasoning, etc.)

BOrganic & Natural Products

Traditional Foods, Organic & Natural Food, Supplements, Beverage, Sweets, Macrobiotics, Vegetarian Food, Organic & Natural Personal Care Products (skin, hair, body, baby, oral-care, etc.), Organic & Natural Clothing (organic cotton, hemp, etc.), Eco-goods, Organic & Natural Detergent, Baby Goods, Fair-trade Goods, etc.

CBeauty & Aging care

Beauty Equipment & Products, Cosmetics, Skin-care, Body-care Products, Aroma-related Products, Beauty Supplements & Drinks, Diet Foods, Beauty-support Clothing, Woman's Health-related, OEM Manufacturing, Packaging, etc.

DSports Conditioning

Sports Cloths, Recovery & Conditioning Goods, Shoes, Insole, Supporter, Corset, Support Accessories, Sports Gear, Yoga-related, Oxygen Capsule, Training Equipment, Sports Nutrition, etc.

EHealth Equipment & Care

Health Check Equipment & Goods, Health Care Equipment & Service, Health Management Systems & Apps, Health and Productivity Management, Air & Water Purifiers, Water Server, Healthy Bed Clothing, Healthy Accessories, Functional Clothes, etc.
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