5 Show Zones

5 Show Zones

Tokyo Health Industry Show consists of 5 Show Zones.

Health Food & Supplements

Exhibit Profile:
*Health Foods (Tea, Drinks, Sweets, Oil, Seasoning, and etc.)

Health Equipment & Care

Exhibit Profile:
Health Check Equipment & Service, Health Care Equipment & Service, Heat Treatment Equipment, Health Equipment & Goods, Air & Water Purifiers, Water Server, Healthy Bed Clothing, Healthy Accessories, Fictional Clothes, etc...

Beauty & Anti-aging

Exhibit Profile:
Beauty Equipment & Goods, Cosmetics, Skin-care, Body-care Products,
Aroma-related Products, Aging-related Products,
Beauty Supplement & Drink, Diet Foods,
Beauty-support Clothing,
OCM Manufacturing (Cosmetics, Beauty Food, Beauty Equipment & Goods) and Packages, etc...

Fitness & Sports

Exhibit Profile:
Sports Clothes, Shoes, Insole, Supporter & Corset, Sports Accessories, Fitness & Training Equipment, Yoga-related Products, Oxygen Capsule, Water Server, Sports Nutrition, etc...

Organic & Natural Products

Exhibit Profile:
Traditional Food, Organic & Natural Food, Supplement, Beverage, Sweets,
Macrobiotics, Vegetarian Food,
Organic Alcohol, etc...
Organic & Natural Personal Care Products ( Skin, Hair, Body, Baby, Oral-care, etc...)
Organic & Natural Clothing (Organic Cotton, Hemp, etc...)
Eco-goods, Organic & Natural Detergent, Baby Goods, Organic Interior, Fair-trade Goods, etc...
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