Q1Do you have the qualifications for the exhibitors at THIS2019?

A1It is possible to attend the show if you have products related to "health" and "beauty".

Q2This is first time we are exporting our products to Japan.
        What kind of process do we have to go through?

A2Please provide us with detailed information about your products. The organizer will consult with our official forwarding company and inform you of the process you have to follow.

Q3How do you decide on the location of the exhibitors' booths?

A3After receiving an application, the organizer will allocate the booth locations with the applicant accordingly. Better locations are very popular, so we recommend that you apply as soon as you have decided to exhibit at THIS.

Q4If we need a partner to distribute pamphlets and to hold
        demonstrations in our booth, how can we obtain this partner?

A4The organizer will introduce you to companies that provide partners and translators, as required.

Q5Can you change the booth size if we want to increase the space after
        having already made an exhibition application?

A5If there is space available, it is possible to increase your booth size. We request that you submit a "change notice" accordingly.

Q6How can I obtain the equipment needed for our booth?

A6The organizer will distribute the catalogue for rental equipment in the middle of October along with the exhibitors' manual. Please request these items, if required.

Q7Are there any options for presentations or sponsorship?

A7Recruitment for these options will start after the second deadline of the exhibition. The organizer will send the necessary information to all the exhibitors at that time.

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Request Exhibitor Registration Form
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