Why You Should Exhibit at Tokyo Health Industry Show?
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1Meet over 35,000 business professionals from health-related industries

THIS is Japan’s largest and longest-running health products related exhibition with a solid track record of 36 years. It serves as the annual gathering for all professionals engaged in the production and marketing of health foods, supplements and healthy lifestyle products.

2Health and longevity industry: a high-growth market in Japan

Japan’s population continues to age rapidly with already one-third aged 65 years or over. In an effort to control ever-increasing welfare costs the government is actively promoting foods with health benefits and the adoption of healthier lifestyles. This is spurring Japan's nation’s health and longevity industry which is expected to become a $100 billion market by 2020.

3High demand and interest in health and ageing-care products

The Japanese consumer has an elevated awareness of health related issues and is highly responsive to product information related to anti-aging and lifestyle-related diseases. This drives demand for a wide range of products offering preventative and preemptive health benefits, making Japan a growing and lucrative market.

4Expand your business from Japan to all over the world

Japan is seen as a leader in the field of health products such as functional foods and supplements. As the premier event in the region for the industry, THIS attracts a significant number of international visitors who are searching for the latest trends and products to emerge from Japan. So exhibiting at THIS provides you not only with access to the Japan market but also opinion leaders and buyers from all over the world.

Request Exhibitor Registration Form
Request Exhibitor Registration Form
第10回中国国際健康食品展示会 アジアの自然・栄養健康食品展2019
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